Web Cam
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A webcam makes it easy for people to make and share videos with their friends and family. The conversations are more personal because now the interlocutors can see each other's faces. The installation of an HP webcam is simple and does not require any effort. This is important for anyone who has just purchased an HP computer and wants to know how to install and activate their webcam.

Types of web cameras

But before I start if I would like to repeat that I think that for the camera to meet the necessary conditions, it must have these minimum conditions:

HD Quality: Although it may seem very obvious, I want to highlight it so that there is no doubt left. It is a positioning factor within YouTube.

Memory card: Or internal hard disk defect. Editing and managing content will be much easier for you.

Automatic controls: You do not have to be a technological "monster" in all these new world 2.0 competitions and this will help you take your first steps.

External Audio Input: Let's connect a microphone to have excellent sound quality. More important factor so that people do not abandon your videos within 5 seconds.

 A webcam needs a computer to transmit the images. However, there are other autonomous cameras that only need an access point to the computer network, either ethernet or wireless. To differentiate them from webcams, they are called network cameras. Both are useful in security tasks, for video surveillance

They are also widely used in instant messaging and chat as in Skype, Line, Hangouts etc. It can usually transmit live images, but it can also capture images or small videos (depending on the webcam program) that can be recorded and transmitted over the Internet. Within the traditional distinction of PC accessories, the webcam is an input device, since through it we can transmit images to the computer, and take photos and edit them

In addition to daily use, it is common to apply webcams of a certain quality in different areas of scientific research. For example, in amateur astronomy, web cameras of a certain quality can be used to record shots of distant satellites and stars. Certain modifications can achieve prolonged exposures that allow to obtain images of dim objects of deep sky like galaxies, nebulae, etc. In Cognitive Psychology and Neuromarketing, modified web cameras are used to perform eye tracking tests.